Hello, I am Carlin Ellison, garden-maker, horticulturist, and Passionate Plant Whisperer!

I specialize in imaginative designs to fulfill your specific needs and desires, your unique garden space, and your budget. I have  an extensive knowledge of plants and their cultural requirements, a deep intuitive connection with them, and a versatile design vocabulary. My goal is to work in harmony with Nature, with the spirit of the client and of the land, to create beautiful, healthy gardens that help people to reconnect with nature and bring them joy.

It is vitally important for me to establish a rapport with my clients. We have to “click” when we meet. They must feel that I am someone they can trust, someone who will listen to them and give them what they want.

It’s not what I want – it’s what you want. I want you to love your garden!
And remember, everyone can have a garden!

For a new design, I want to know what your garden means to you. What do you want, what do you love, what kind of atmosphere would you like to create? Do you have memories of gardens that were special to you in childhood, or some other time in your life?

What colors do you like? Are there some you dislike? Are there specific plants that are dear to you?

How do you intend to use the garden: as a sanctuary, a place to meditate or unwind? Or will it be a place for children to play, or for you to entertain family and friends – or all if the above?

Shall it be open or enclosed? Will there be pets enjoying it, too? Your garden should be a personal place, so that you feel a connection to it.

Gardens can be ornamental, herb or vegetable, or a combination. They can be created on patios, decks, porches, even stairs and windowsills, as well as on land. Together we will develop a vision for your garden that will be in harmony with your spirit and your surroundings, enhancing the beauty and value of your home and the quality of your life.

San Francisco State University
City College of San Francisco
Iowa State University
University of Guelph (Canada)
Merritt College (Horticultural Therapy)
San Francisco Botanical Garden and Strybing Arboretum



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