Thank you so much for creating and renewing a marvelous envisionment for me. For the first time, I feel peace in my garden.
—Jan Maurer

I love the garden! There’s always something new blooming or coming up – it’s so beautiful. Now when I go on tour I can’t wait to come home and see what’s happened in the garden. Thank you!
—Evelyn Cisneros
Prima Ballerina
San Francisco Ballet

Never before has our garden been so happy. Carlin has the magic touch. She knows about the earth, the plants, the birds and the bees. She also knows how to design beautiful organic gardens. She has tremendous vision.  If you need design work, call Carlin. She is the plant whisperer!
—K. Jacobson

We are pleased with the garden. The design provides the healing touch we needed in the front area of our offices.

—L. Sandahl, D.C.

I’ve been ill and stuck in the house for the last two weeks. My only joy has been to look out the window at the garden you created – it’s so lovely! It reminds me of the Chelsea flower show.
—Anne Kinkaid

Our garden used to look drab and kind of sickly, but Carlin has transformed it into a lovely and very healthy space. It has become a sanctuary for us, beautiful beyond anything we’d imagined.
—Rebecca Montevaldo

I am very happy with your work on my garden. It’s looking ever better, and I’m happy to think of your organic approach.
—J. Veatch

Your work is beautiful! I love the design and the choices of plantings. You make San Francisco beautiful!
—J. Lee

I sat out on the little bench near the front fence the other evening, and I have to say, I love that little spot you created.
—C. Finch

I wish you could hear all of the compliments I get on my garden. It has been a livesaver with this dreary weather.
—Michele O’Brien

We enjoyed having you in our garden. It looks much more like a garden now. Great job!
—K. Cohn, M.D.

Spring begins today, so I want to take this opportunity to tell you how much I appreciate what you’ve done with my garden. As a result of your efforts, a collection of small, lovely, flowering plants has found its way into the garden to stand in stark contrast to the wet and gloomy weather. Each morning when I get up and look out the bedroom window I see the two large planter boxes on the balcony, full of colorful flowers and crowned by the field of flowering plants in the lower garden beyond them. It’s a delightful way to start the day! Thank you.
—Ron Wong

Allyson and I are thrilled with how the patio and the entire garden are turning out!
—W. Miller



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