I want to take you on a journey, to experience one of the gardens I’ve created, to experience it with all your senses.  I’d like you to mentally close your eyes...

Pretend it’s evening. You’ve just come home from a very stressful day. You’re tense, upset, and exhausted. You put down your briefcase, take off your coat, and go out into the garden. You sit down in your comfortable chair by the small, gurgling fountain. The soft colors of the flowers in the fading light are soothing. As you breathe in the greenness, a lovely fragrance is wafted on a gentle breeze, evoking sweet memories of childhood.

Suddenly, a rush of wings – a bird lands on the fountain and begins to drink. You smile.

Soon your tension begins to melt away; you begin to relax, and the things that so troubled you no longer seem so important. Now you feel a sense of peace. This is your private sanctuary. Here you are nurtured in body and spirit. Here you are healed.


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